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Deya Banerjee 


One of the best services in Kolkata. I live in Bangalore and my mom is in Kolkata. Her phone stopped working and she panicked a lot. I Found Subhankar via google and called him. He was polite, helpful and most importantly empathetic towards my problem. He scheduled a time of 2:00pm to go meet my parents at home and he was there on time. My parents loved him! He was so good at handling people of age and my parents called me back to say I will only take help from Subhankar going forward. I highly recommend, him not only for his service most more so for the person he is! More power to you, helps my mind be at ease knowing my aged parents are worry- free atleast about their smart phones.

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Bonnie Chakraborty Official


Subhankar is a very efficient and responsible technician with a keen eye for details. He is well versed with mobiles and promptly comes home to repair ur mobile. Very cooperative and professional. In these times when we cant step out too often due to Covid and Lockdown , he is our saviour!



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Somenath Dutta          

Thank you for fast response and service. After I called for first time, I got my mobile screen replaced within 3 hours and the replacement process took only 30 minutes at my home

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